CADtex Brand CAD Cuttable Heat Transfer Media


      Standard Roll Size:

      19.5" x 5 yards & 19.5" x 25 yards

    General Overview:

    Non-Pressure Sensitive, 165 micron PVC
    Recommended for 100% cotton, cotton blends, & 100% polyester.
    Heat Application: 305°F / 10-15 seconds / medium pressure / cold peel
    Multiple Layer Application: yes
    Washing Instructions: up to 180°F (standard colors)

    Available Colors:
    White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Green, & Black.

    Advantages at a Glance:
    - easy weeding
    - easy storage of pre-cut numbers & letters
    - perfect for medium/large size numbers & letters
    - great performance after each washing
    - high opacity

    Application Instructions

    Step by Step Cutting:
    - create your artwork - mirror the artwork
    - place CADflex in cutter - cut artwork using a 45° or 60° blade
    - remove excess material from carrier
    Heat Application:
    - set heat press to 305°F, 10-15 seconds, medium pressure
    (note: for two-colored artwork, set heat press at 285°F, heat applying the first color for 5 seconds and the second color for an additional 15 seconds)
    - place garment onto lower platen of heat press
    - position artwork onto garment
    (note: using a cover sheet is recommended in order to prevent damage to your artwork and to keep the heating element clean)
    - carrier should be peeled cold

    Washing Instructions:
    - allow the garment to rest for 24 hours prior to washing first time
    - set washing temperature up to 180°F
    - use only mild detergent, no liquid detergent, bleaching agents or fabric softener
    - dry-cleaning is not recommended
    - iron garment inside-out - dryer-safe
    Please Note:
    - testing all parameters is imperative (i.e. pressure, washing etc.)
    - heat applying onto sublimated garments might cause bleeding and migration
    - always store CADflex in a cool and dry place
    - never expose to direct sunlight or other heat sources

    Link To CADtex USA / Makers of CAD Cuttable Heat Transfer Media.

    Size Color 1 2 3 4 QTY  
    5 Yards /19.5" Wide Roll
    $34.95 $69.90 $104.85 $139.80
    25 Yards /19.5" Wide Roll
    $169.95 $339.90 $509.85 $679.80